Psalm 23-4

This site is where this pilgrim gets a chance to give his opinion on what is going on around him, whether near or far.

I am just a man of ordinary intellect who believes in the one true God; a believer placed in this world for a purpose, to point out to folks the evil wickedness in high places in this world. The things which are taking place around us are not by chance but by design, the design of one who hates both his maker, God, and man, you and I. The men and women who willingly serve him, those who run the governments of this world, who should be doing so for God’s purposes are under Satan’s sway.

Most of humanity is blinded to this by not only propaganda spewed out by the Powers That Be (PTB) and their own prejudices. The truth can be hard to find if one refuses to pull oneself away from the MSM which controls ones thinking through manipulation of their emotions and prejudices.

I am not here to tell you what to think but simply asking you to look for other sources of information, information that at this time is freely available across the internet but certainly will not be forever. They are working very hard to shut the flow of truth from all sources including the internet; seek the truth while it can be found!

What is good? What is bad? Is it what the experts are telling you?

What is evil? What is wicked? Is it what the TV evangelist is telling you?

Get serious friends! Study, read, seek and you shall find the truth, but just being a couch potato and believing what the boob tube spews at you will give not give you the wisdom required to live a free man in a world steadily growing more wicked, evil, and violent by the day.

So that is who I am, why this site exists, and a small bit of advice. I pray you will give some thought as to your place in this world and act upon it.

God bless,